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Visionary Energizes Business Development Efforts

We can become your in-house business development and marketing director or work with in-house leadership to implement their plans. We become your permanent, part-time growth solution at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire one additional or first time investment in a marketing or business development professional.

Who are our clients?

They are accounting and CPA firms or groups supporting or selling to the accounting profession. We work with Top 100 firm to firms with just a few people. Our clients have one common need which is to grow.

What do we do for them?

Visionary brings a sales mindset into their practice. We generate business through direct lead generation with new prospects; by showing them how to sell additional services and obtain referrals from existing clients; and expanding their referral partner networks. A key component of our process is coaching and training firm wide and with select staff on how to become more comfortable and effective selling and networking.

What other services does Visionary provide?

We have full time professionals who are trained in web design, literature development, email marketing and refining the imaging and branding needs of clients. It is not just services that we provide it’s creating a sales culture.

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How do we charge?

100% fixed fees with the exception of our mergers and acquisition searches. For most clients we set a monthly operating fee. A significant benefit is we do not make you sign a contract that locks you into a set time period. Our project and m&a services are in agreements, but our monthly clients are free to stop at any time with no penalties.

Does this make sense for me?

You don’t need to analyze this. You know where the firm has its challenges and most firms have selling skills as a significant area to improve inside their firm. Are your people good in a meeting? Yes. Are they good at networking and developing new quality leads on their own? This is more of challenge in most firms. Do you have senior staff with a void in selling capabilities? Read about our Gap and Coaching segments on the site.