Bob Lewis

Cell: 847.989.7942

Current Activities

Bob helps accounting firms create and implement growth strategies. His area of concentration centers on getting professionals more comfortable selling. The Visionary Group helps firms through the entire sales cycle from how to design a business development campaign; including database development, sales messages, calling financial executives or owners, developing and sending custom email marketing programs, writing proposals for their clients and talking them through each sales step with a live lead.

His firm has created services for direct prospecting, client mining and referral partner development, as well as an innovative merger and acquisition search process to identify practices not on the market yet who are trying to determine an exit or transition strategy. Visionary works closely with in-house Marketing Directors and takes leadership on the business development portion of the growth cycle.

An Ex-Accountant

How many marketing professionals have closed the books, created financial statements, wrote accruals or done an internal audit? It can be hard to relate to a prospect’s needs if you have never done the job. Bob has; managed a $1B billing department for a Fortune 38 company; ran a 6 state accounts payable and accounting department; created income statements and balance sheets; conducted internal audits; and developed $100M plus budgets.


Bob has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration from DePaul University in Illinois. He has a decade of experience in accounting and financial management, and almost twenty years in professional marketing for the accounting and financial profession.