Understanding what to expect is critical to engaging any group like Visionary. Selling professional services is matter of timing, awareness, differentiating a firm and maintaining a repeated effort. Why a firm may have failed with selling in the past is normally due to hiring the wrong person who has limited to no accounting firm experience. Often managing a sales or marketing professional is not something many firms have much experience doing.

Items that impact the selling process:

  • Your website, literature and email reflect your image
  • The sales skill level of your professionals
  • A firm’s current level of awareness in their marketplace
  • The presence and frequent touches with referral partners
  • Prior experience with other marketing or sales professionals

Have you tried and failed before?

Many firms set expectations by the performance of other industries. Selling accounting services is different than selling insurance, financial services and other products and services. It requires a deep understanding of the CPA profession and patience. The bigger the target the more eyes there are monitoring change. Most selling efforts require a repeated, continual effort. 

What is the expected payback?

The results vary widely based on the service being sold, the size of the prospect being targeted, who the incumbent firm is, hourly fees, selling skills and the relationship element. Then, there are variables. Did you connect with the prospect? Were you able to uncover their pain points or understand their goals? You do not want to be viewed as a commodity because then you are judged on price, which is not the position you want to be in. If you fail to differentiate yourself that can be one of the variables that affects the outcome. We can discuss expectations with you as we understand your needs.