There are basic items that need to be in place, while others can be developed with time. Look at your competition’s website and then look at yours. What image are you projecting and what story are you telling? Are you explaining the difference between an audit or a review, talking about your quality and low turnover. Or, are you explaining what you do for them and providing thought leadership? Everyone expects quality so do not lead with statements that are assumed or that make you look like everyone else because then you appear to be a commodity and commodities can be bought at a low price.

A major foundation item is the GAP

The GAP is the difference between where you are today and where you want get to. It can seem wide, but once you honestly assess where you are it becomes much easier to create steps to help close the GAP and move the needle forward. Two major GAP issues in many firms are not maintaining a repeated prospecting, referral partner and client outreach focus and lack of sales training for their emerging professionals. Fear of a selling situation is a huge problem inside accounting firms so the natural defense mechanism is to avoid it which cripples a professional as they try to advance their career.

 Additional key foundation items include:

  • Biographies because prospects will examine your experience
  • Differentiating services; i.e. fraud, exit planning, cash operations, goal setting
  • Selling skills; individual and small group coaching and general firm wide sales training
  • Specific plans for departments or specific industry or services niches; i.e. audit, tax, nonprofits, real estate, managed accounting, fraud, etc.
  • Having a contemporary website and literature that tells a good story