A formalized sales process is completely new to most firms. Some of the very large firms have systemized their sales efforts over the years, but a typical firm has relied completely on referrals or tried to hire someone in the past that did not work out. Selling accounting firms services is complicated. Your good clients will not leave you unless there is a service issue, relationship break or a significant fee issue. Acquiring good prospects takes time, and you need to wait for the opening for change to occur.

Firms of all sizes use us to:

  • Seek merger or acquisition candidate firms
  • Assist in lead creation for their firm
  • Have us implement a referral partner network
  • Work with specific individuals to make them more comfortable selling

They use us to help them:

Visionary begins communications with CEOs, EDs, CFOs, Controllers and potential referral sources and designs methods to conduct client mining or outreach efforts to aid in selling more services and increasing client retention. We increase awareness of firms, shape sales messages, create the prospect database and pursue prospective targets for your firm. In addition, we help their people through every aspect of the sales cycle from how to follow-through with a prospect to creating the proposal and closing the sale.

As part of our process we also provide:

  • Proposals to send to prospects
  • Survey calls to understand lost proposals
  • Calling on prior lost opportunities to try to win then back
  • Exit calls for clients who leave
  • New client calls to understand why they selected your firm